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Q1. Can PLAN attend medical or psychiatric exams/reviews to encourage our loved one to discuss the current symptoms with the doctor?

A1. PLAN staff or others referred to you can, with permission, accompany your loved one to medical and psychiatric exams.

Q2. Our son has a job which requires him to work different schedules from day to day. Providing transportation to and from work has been a problem. Is this something PLAN can deal with?

A2. PLAN may be able to provide this service directly or assist in finding public transportation.

Q3. We would like our daughter to live as independently as possible, unfortunately, she is unable to handle her own finances. Is there some way that PLAN can monitor her spending in such a way that she doesn’t feel inadequate, but yet she doesn’t squander her monthly income?

A3. In your Long-Term Plan of Care (PLC) you can designate someone to help budget and monitor her monthly spending.

Q4. Since our loved one has always lived with us, how can PLAN find appropriate and affordable housing when we can no longer provide it?

A4. PLAN staff can work with you to assist in finding appropriate housing.

Q5. If we contract with you to provide a certain level of care and it later becomes necessary to increase that care, who authorizes PLAN to change the level of care after we are gone?

A5.  It is very important that your estate plan includes a line of successors (friends, relatives, or attorneys) that can provide overall guidance for PLAN.

Q6. Who will provide the fee-based services for our loved one; people employed by PLAN or volunteer parents who would be compensated for their time?

A6. PLAN’s fee-based services are provided by PLAN employees. PLAN can also arrange for services by other professional providers or for services provided by the community.

Q-F1. What will it cost to join PLAN?

A-F1. PLAN requires that the family or advocate meet with our Director to develop a Long-term Plan of Care (PLC). PLAN charges a one-time fee of  $750 for this service.

Q-F2. Are there any annual fees assessed by PLAN?

A-F2. There are no annual fees. If you choose to change your PLC in the future, appropriate administrative fees may be charged for making these changes.

Q-F3. Does my family member need to be receiving public benefits in order to be eligible for assistance from this program?

A-F3. Although it is not necessary to be receiving public benefits in order to participate in PLAN, we would encourage you to apply for whatever assistance your loved one would qualify. We at PLAN can help you in this effort

Q-F4. Is there a minimum amount of funding that must be invested once a person begins to use PLAN’s services?

A-F4. There is no “investment” in PLAN. We recommend that funding be accomplished through the use of a special needs trust which could be funded in a number of ways—such as through life insurance, or through a distribution specified in your Will or Trust.

Q-F5. We are not sure if the amount of money we have set aside to care for our child is enough to last her lifetime. Under PLAN, if the money runs out, who will care for our child?

A-F5. Although PLAN anticipates that in the future there may be grants and private funding to help defray costs, we cannot promise this additional support at this time.

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