What Is PLAN?

What We Are Planning To Do

PLAN is a non-profit organization that provides cost effective solutions to families of individuals with a mental illness, brain injury or other disability.

This organization was developed by parents, and is dedicated to professional advocacy...committed to personally working with your loved one as you are currently doing.

This Southeast Michigan chapter of the national, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network is governed by a Board of Directors comprised primarily of family members of persons who have a Plan of Care with PLAN of Southeast Michigan.

The members of this Board are from diverse professional backgrounds that recognize and empathize with our critical mission.

PLAN professionals consult with families and assist them in developing a vision of the disabled family member’s needs and desires.

PLAN then develops an individualized, written Lifetime Plan of Care that its staff of professionals supervises.

PLAN does not replace services provided by the Community Mental Health System but advocates for the proper services and mediates issues with the System.

PLAN can also monitor public benefits such as Medicaid, Social Security, and SSI etc...and take appropriate steps when needed.

PLAN will help your family member socialize with others, whether it is participating in one of our group activities, or if they prefer, visiting with a staff member.

If circumstances require, PLAN can monitor physical health, dental health, medication compliance, and arrange transportation to appointments.

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network – Built By Families, For Families

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